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1. To acquire greater facility with the study of English, only English should be strictly spoken in the School premises.
2. No student is allowed to form any group or attend any meetings unless they are held by the School authorities.
3. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience, conducts injurious to the normal tone of the School justify dismissal at any time of the year.
4. A ward with sickness which is infectious to other students may be asked to discontinue till the recovery of the illness.
5. No act of indiscipline, insubordination, interference in the administration, disrespect to any religion or community shall be tolerated and the delinquent may even be expelled from the School.
6. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and other belongings, ornaments and jewelry of any kind are not allowed in the School.
7. Pupils should not keep money, costly articles etc. with them. The School does not take any responsibility of any loss or damage of such things in any case.
8. The School cannot be held responsible for accidents or minor/serious injuries to pupil during the stay in the School or while taking part in sports, co-curricular activities within or outside the School premises. However the School will take necessary step for the FIRST AID and treatment of the students in such cases.
9. Pupils are strictly forbidden to introduce objectionable literature in the School. Parcels and letters addressed to the students are subject to inspection.
10. Any damage done to the School property must be made good / compensated by the pupils concerned.
11. Stealing and forging signature are serious faults and those found guilty of these are liable to severe punishment even if it takes place off the School premises.
12. Pupils on their way to and from the School are expected to deport themselves in a responsible manner.
13. Each student is to enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner. They are to leave their Class Room in a single file queue at times.
14. It is the responsibility of each Class Captain / Vice-Capain to see at the conclusion of Class that all the windows are latched; lights and fans are switched off.
15. Chalk is never allowed to be taken from the Classroom to be used for any purpose except for writing on the Blackboard with the permission of the Teacher.
16. Active concern for the poor in the form of social service is the duty of every student. It is expected that this extends beyond the boundaries of the School.
17. When moving within the School for Second Languages, Art Class, Library, Laboratory, Computer, Cultural programme etc. students are to move in queue and as quickly as possible.
18. Strict silence and great reverence are expected from the students during assembly, prayer time and singing. A very serious view will be taken of any misbehaviour at those moments.
19. Each student is personally responsible for keeping the School clean and taking care of the furniture.
20. The Cultural, Co-curricular activities of the School are conducted through House system & Clubs. Hence, all students are obliged to take part in it.
21. Transfer Certificate will be issued only two days after the application has been submitted to the office.
22. Transfer Certificate will be issued only once in a year.
23. Each pupil must possess a School Diary which should be brought to School daily.
24. Pupils must attend the First day of classes after vacation. Any student arriving later must produce written explanation by the guardian.
25. Smoking, use of drugs, consumption of alcoholic drink, chewing betel-nut etc. will result in immediate suspension and possible expulsion from the School.
26. Students are prohibited to give or to take any things (article, letters etc.) to and from the classmates.
27. For the well being and smooth running of the School the authority may ask the guardian to withdraw his/her ward, from the School under compeling situations.
28. Parents and Guardians are requested to affix their specimen signature in the space indicated in the Diary
29. Electronic goods (Mobile phone, CDS, Cameras, Pen drives etc.) Cash, Watches or Toys are strictly prohibited within the School. If any of these items are found in the possession of students they will be confiscated and will not be returned.
30. Students found involved in love-affairs directly or indirectly shall have to face suspension or expulsion from the School.
31. No student will be allowed to enter the School premises more than 15 minutes before the Warning Bell.
32. Any student begging for any exemption from uniform temporarily under unavoidable circumstances must take prior permission of the Principal before entering Classroom. In such case Guardian will write the note in the Diary which should be signed by the Principal.
33. Hair of every student must be combed / tied in order. Girls are suggested to tie their hair with black ribbon / belt.
34. Boys are strictly directed to cut their hair short and comb it in order. Strict action will be taken against those violate this code and try to fascinate extra-ordinary hair style and may be suspended.
35. No student shall bring any non veg items for tiffin as there are some vegetarian students who feel uncomfortable at the sight and smell of such non-veg items.
36. Every student is expected to be punctual, smart, humble, honest, truthful, gentle and kind to others both inside and outside.
37. No student will be admitted to the Classroom without full and proper uniform.
38. No vulgar books, magazine of any sort, newspapers shall be brought to the School, and students shall never be vulgar in talks and behaviour.
39. The property of the School should be handled properly. The cost of damage done to the property will be recovered from the Guardians of the student / students involved.
40. Disrespect to Teachers, elders or visitors and misconduct of any sort will be severely dealt with. Be careful to respect parents and elders and avoid bad companions.
41. Students should practise polite way of talking using “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, “Please”, “May”, “I like to have” etc. No case of misbehaviour will be tolerated. It is compulsory for all the students to converse in English, for failure corrective measures will be taken.
42. Students should not indulge in talking aloud or loitering in the School while the Classes are in progress.
43. The behaviour of the students of senior Classes must be exemplary to the other students.
44. No collection of money by the students and the use of the same without the consent of the School authorities is allowed.
45. Every student must possess the School Calendar and Home Task Record and he/she must bring it to the School daily without any failure.
46. Students will not come out during the proxy periods.